Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1.  Introduction
  2.  Pricing and Fees
  3.  Cancellation and Refund Policy
  4.  Lost Tickets
  5.  Use of Gift Vouchers
  6.  Concession Fares
  7.  Service Delays, Changes and Cancellations
  8.  Liability
  9.  Insurance
10. Child Policy
11. Conditions of Ferry Passage
12. Baggage Information
13. Luggage Disclaimer
14. Bike and Snorkel Hire Agreement
15. Tourism Accredited
16. Errors, Omissions and Representations
17. Copyright, Use of Images and Photographic Ownership
18. Northport Car Parking
19. Public Holiday Surcharge
20. Prams and Wheelchair Priority Boarding


a) For the purpose of these stated Terms and Conditions, ‘Rottnest Express’ refers to and trades under the name ‘Wadjemup Trading Pty Ltd’ ATF ‘The Wadjemup Unit Trust’. We are registered under Australian law and our business address is at:

1 Emma Place, Rous Head
North Fremantle
Western Australia, 6959

b) In these Terms and Conditions, ‘The Carrier’, ‘Us’, ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘The Hire Operator’ and other similar references means Rottnest Express and its contractors. The ‘Passenger’, ‘Customer’, ‘Consumer’, ‘Hirer’ and other similar references means the users of Rottnest Express’ services.


a) Fares are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are correct at time of publication. Prices include all sightseeing, entry fees and meals as stated in the full itinerary, which can be viewed at www.rottnestexpress.com.au, however prices are subject to change at the sole discretion of Rottnest Express. No responsibility is accepted by Rottnest Express for unforeseen omissions or misrepresentation of our suppliers who operate select components on our behalf. All fares and prices are subject to surcharges, blackout periods and seasonal variations at Rottnest Express’ sole discretion.

b) Credit card payments attract a surcharge of 1.5% and an imprint of a credit card may be required for tours with hire equipment. Special fare types published online at www.rottnestexpress.com.au can only be booked online and are not available by telephone or at the booking counter unless otherwise stated.

c) Due to the complexity, staff time and communication costs of the booking process, a charge of $5 (incl GST) may apply to each modification made after the original booking.


a) Provided that notification is received by Rottnest Express over 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure date/time, the amount paid for any unused ticket/service can be issued as a credit note for future ferry travel. Notification must be made by phone or at one of our office locations.

b) Cancellations must be advised 1 hour prior to a passengers onward voyage time.

c) Any amendments/changes made within 1 hour of scheduled ‘boarding closes’ time will result in the forfeit of all monies.

d) Refunds will not be made for inadvertently booking the wrong ferry time or for personal reasons. Conditions a), b) and c) above still apply.

e) Cancellations once the scheduled onward voyage has been undertaken will result in the forfeit of all monies.

f) Credit notes are valid for a period of one (1) year from date of scheduled travel. No extensions can be offered on credit notes.

g) Credit notes will only be issued should the dollar value be above AU$20.00.

h) Credit card surcharge and postage and handling fees can not be credited.

i) The Northport Ferry terminal car park is operated by Wilsons Parking, Any unused parking fees can not be credited by Rottnest Express.

j) Redemption of a credit voucher can only be made when booking via phone or at a Rottnest Express office.

k) Unused portions of a credit note will only be re-credited should the unused amount be over a AU$20.00 value. Any unused portion of a credit note will have the same expiry date as the original.

l) For any voyage cancellations due to adverse weather conditions or mechanical failures that are entirely outside of passengers’ control, passengers will be offered:

i) to transfer to another suitable voyage on the same day or;
ii) a full refund for any unused components of travel.

m) Cancellation of Accommodation packages may incur additional fees. Cancellations inside 7 days; full amount for accommodation will be charged and a credit note issued for balance of package. Cancellation outside of 7 days; 50% cancellation fee for accommodation and credit note issued for balance of package.


If a passenger has lost their ticket they must call the ticketing office on 1300 467 688. Reservations staff must confirm at least three details from the existing booking selected from: Name, Phone number, Email address, Postal address, Postcode, Passenger Type and Amount, Travel Dates and Times. Upon confirmation the booking number can be re-issued. Please note that if the ticket has been used by somebody else an “already scanned” message will appear at boarding. In this case passengers will be required to purchase new tickets if the departure is still available.


a) Gift vouchers purchased directly from Rottnest Express are valid for (1) year from the date of purchase. No extensions can be offered on gift vouchers.

b) Gift vouchers attained from third parties are valid for the described product only and are not transferrable to any other Rottnest Express product, package or service. The expiry date stated on third party vouchers cannot be extended.

c) Complimentary gift vouchers are valid up to and including the date stated on the gift voucher.

d) Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

e) Redemption of a gift voucher can only be made when booking via phone or at a Rottnest Express office.

f) If a dollar amount is displayed on the gift voucher, this is in Australian dollars (AUD) and can only be used to pay for travel on an available Rottnest Express ferry or tour package.

g) Gift vouchers stating specific Rottnest Express services may be transferred to alternative services operated by Rottnest Express. Any additional fees from the original service to the new service must be paid in advance of travel. No refund will be given when transferring to a service of a lower value than the original gift voucher.

h) Gift vouchers are subject to availability and can only be used to pay for a future booking.

i) At the time of booking, the gift voucher number must be quoted and the voucher must be forfeited when collecting tickets.

j) If there is an outstanding value between the gift voucher and the total of the booking, the difference must be paid at the time of payment. If there is remaining credit on the gift voucher it can be used for subsequent travel, but must be redeemed before the original expiry date on the gift voucher.

k) Rottnest Express’ terms and conditions, refund policy and relevant fare rules always apply to bookings made using a Rottnest Express gift voucher.
l) Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed on special event days.


Applies to holders of a current Australian Commonwealth Pensioner Concession card or Seniors card, Health Care card or Student card (secondary or tertiary) – these concessions are not available to overseas cardholders. Applicable Backpacker cards include YHA/VIP/Mad/Peterpans/ISIC.


a) Rottnest Express reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its tours and arrange alternative carriers to those advertised if necessary. No refunds will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay, curtailment or alteration of a trip resulting from any cause including severe weather conditions or mechanical failure.

b) Rottnest Express cannot guarantee pick up or drop off times and is not liable for passenger failure to connect with other services or any associated costs resulting from such delays.

c) Specific components of certain tours are weather dependant and Rottnest Express cannot be held liable if trip components are not available on the day of travel.


a) All Persons use Carrier Services entirely at their own risk. The Carrier is not liable in relation to the use or provision of a Carrier Service:

(i) for the death of any Person, or for any injury, harm, disease, or damage to health, whether physical, mental or otherwise (including mental or nervous shock or distress) suffered by any Person; or

(ii) for any direct or indirect damage, cost, expense or consequential loss suffered by any Person; arising as a direct or indirect result of any act, neglect or omission of the Carrier, the Carrier's agents, employees or contractors, other Persons within the control of the Carrier, or any Passenger or other user of Carrier Services


Travel insurance is NOT included. Rottnest Express strongly recommends that passengers arrange their own travel insurance.


a) Child fares are available for passengers aged between 1-12 years inclusive.

b) Rottnest Express does not allow unaccompanied child passengers (12 years or under) to travel on our services. All child passengers must be under the responsibility of a travelling Adult.

c) Some services provided by Rottnest Express are not suitable for children under the age of 4 years. Please check terms of individual services when booking.


a) A check-in time of 45 minutes prior to all departures is recommended to allow appropriate time for ferry loading requirements and passenger boarding. Rottnest Express reserves the right to refuse boarding to passengers that attempt check-in once vessel boarding has commenced.

b) Rottnest Express may reassess at check-in or boarding, the classification of a passenger type (child, infant, student or concession). An increase in fare will be required where suitable identification cannot be provided.

c) Smoking is prohibited on all vessels at all times.

d) Travel may only be permitted for a person or persons whose name(s) appear on the Rottnest Express manifests. Travel arrangements may only be transferred to another person(s) with the knowledge and authority of Rottnest Express and the person who made the booking.

e) Rottnest Express reserves the right to refuse to carry any person or cargo aboard any vessel or vehicle where, in the exercise of its reasonable discretion, We decide:

(i) that action is necessary for reasons of safety; or

(ii) that the conduct, age, mental or physical state, nature or condition (including intoxication) of a Passenger, may cause inconvenience, discomfort or objection to another Passenger; or involve any hazard or risk to that Passenger or to any other Person; or

(iii) that action is necessary owing to the failure by a Passenger to observe the instructions of the Carrier; or

f) Flammable liquids in portable containers will not be carried (e.g. boat tanks, jerry cans, paints & thinners) unless arrangements have been made prior as loading may be required on a flammable / dangerous goods departure.

g) All of our vessels are fully licensed to serve alcoholic beverages and as such, Western Australian liquor licensing requires all passengers to wear footwear at all times.


a) All Luggage, Freight and Personal Items are transported entirely at the risk of the ticket holder. We will always take the utmost care with your belongings, but as we cannot inspect the condition or the method of packing by the ticket holder we do not accept any liability for damage to any items.

b) When making a booking 8 (eight) days or more in advance of your travel date you will be mailed a set of personalised luggage labels with onward and return information. You are entitled to two free luggage labels per person travelling when the labels are booked 8 days or more in advance and additional luggage labels can be purchased when booking, or at your departure terminal. Opting to collect your labels on the day of departure may incur additional charges.

c) If your booking is 7 (seven) days or less from your travel date you will be able to pick up your luggage labels at the departure point for an additional fee.

d) Once booked if your travel arrangements change then new luggage labels will need to be re-issued at either your departure point or extra labels purchased online.

e) All luggage label-related fees are displayed when checking out online.

f) Luggage in excess of this amount of two bags per person will incur an excess luggage charge

g) Items such as surfboards, surf‐skis, fishing rods, bicycles, craypots and golf bags are not able to be delivered and must be collected and transported by the owner from the main jetty upon arrival at Rottnest

h) Carry-on Baggage Allowances (except infants)

(i) 1 x carry‐on item no larger than 600mm x 400mm x 300mm. There are no storage facilities in the passenger cabins, so anything taken onboard must be able to placed on your lap and not interfere with other passengers.

i) Checked Baggage Allowances

(i) The following size and weight restrictions are in place to comply with health and safety regulations. Luggage exceeding the specified size may not be transported or delivered.
Checked luggage to be no larger than 800mm x 500mm x 400mm maximum 22kg to be stowed in the vessels luggage crates only with an appropriate luggage label attached.

(ii) No ‘piggy‐backing'of luggage is permitted, for example, attaching a sleeping bag to a suitcase.


Wadjemup Trading Pty Ltd atf The Wadjemup Unit Trust t/a Rottnest Express and/or its owners or operators do not accept any responsibility for the loss, damage, mis-delivery or failed delivery of any article of luggage or cargo (including bicycle) loaded, carried or discharged. It does not accept any responsibility for any injury or death of any of its passengers whether during embarkation, carriage or disembarkation and whether caused by the negligence or otherwise of any of its servants or agents. Liability for all claims or demands arising from any cause whatsoever during embarkation, carriage or disembarkation in respect of all losses or injuries is excluded. The owners and/or operators reserve the right to alter schedules, prices and substitute one vessel with another if considered necessary.


a) The Hirer acknowledges if the equipment is lost, stolen or damaged the Hirer will be liable for the full replacement cost or repair of the equipment and authorizes the Hire Operator to debit the amount stated in section 14)b).

b) Schedule of Costs:

       i.          Excessive wear on tyres $15

      ii.          Loss of helmet $30

     iii.          Bent forks $ 40

    iv.          Buckled rim $ 30

      v.          Frame damage $250

    vi.          Lost/ Stolen bike $250

   vii.          Loss of snorkelling set $55

  viii.          Damage to snorkelling set $25

c) The activities of cycling and snorkelling have some elements of danger. Injury is possible. Please use the equipment with care and responsibility. In the case of cycling wearing a correctly fitted helmet is compulsory.

d) By entering into a Bike and/or Snorkel hire agreement with Rottnest Express, the Hirer agrees to:

       i.          Pay all charges set out in this agreement and all other expenses levied or made pursuant to the terms and conditions hereof.

      ii.          Not allow any other person to operate, or have control of, the equipment

     iii.          When operating the equipment comply with the provisions of any applicable legislation namely in respect to the hiring of bikes the Road Traffic Act 1974‐1982 and its amendments (“the Act”) and regulations made under the provisions of the act and shall only operate the equipment on sealed roads and cycle paths.

    iv.          Not damage the equipment and shall pay the Hire Operator on demand, the cost of repair, or replacement for any damage or loss however caused to the equipment.

      v.          Indemnify the Hire Operator against any claims and costs whatsoever, arising out of the use, operation, or keeping of the equipment or in any matter relating thereto.

    vi.          The Hirer declares and acknowledges that he/she hires the equipment at their own risk.

   vii.          The Hirer shall provide the Hire Operator with a security bond in the form of a credit card imprint as detailed on the hire agreement as a condition precedent to hiring the equipment.

  viii.          The Hirer agrees that the Hire Operator accepts no responsibility for damage including any bodily injury, death or any property damage or losses of any nature sustained by the Hirer or any other person whatsoever arising out of or incidental to the hiring of the equipment or anything ancillary thereto and the Hirer and his executors and administrators expressly renounces all claims against the Hire Operator in respect thereof whether the same may be due to or alleged to be due to any negligence act or omission on the part of the Hire Operator or not.

    ix.          The Hirer shall take the equipment in the condition in which it was at the commencement of the hire and the Hire Operator shall not be responsible for any defect in the equipment and does not warrant that the equipment is suitable for the particular, or any purpose for which it is or may be required.

      x.          The Hirer shall return the equipment to the Hire Operator within the time frame stipulated in this agreement. Should the equipment not be returned within the stipulated time then the Hirer will be liable for any additional costs.

    xi.          If the Hirer fails to return the equipment to the Hire Operator for whatever reason or the equipment is lost or stolen the Hire Operator reserves the right to charge the Hirer for the full replacement value of the equipment and the Hirer hereby authorizes the Hire Operator to debit the Hirers preauthorized credit card for the amounts nominated on the hire agreement.

   xii.          The Hirer shall pay forthwith any fines imposed pursuant to the Act or the Regulations in respect of the equipment or the use of the equipment whilst in the control or custody of the Hirer or during the continuance of the term of the hire.

  xiii.          If the equipment breaks down during the term of the hire, the Hirer shall at their expense return the equipment to the Hire Operator and the Hire Operator shall not be responsible for any expenditure, damage, and/or loss incurred by the Hirer arising out of any breakdown of the equipment howsoever caused. The Hire Operator will use its best endeavours to replace the equipment with similar equipment if available.

 xiv.          The Hirer agrees that they will not use the bicycle after dark without the Hirer providing sufficient lighting as per the Act.

 xv.          No children under the age of 12 months to ride in either the trailers or the baby seat for safety reasons.

 xvi.          No credit or cash refund on early return of hire equipment.

  1. The Hirer is responsible for wearing clothing at all times that is suitable for riding a bicycle.
  2. The Hirer should be a competent cyclist.

e) As a condition of hire, the bond may be forfeited for breaches of the conditions of hire including:

       i.          Failure to comply with the provisions of the Western Australian Road Traffic Code.

      ii.          Riding a bicycle while drinking or intoxicated.

     iii.          Riding a bicycle with more than one person on a bicycle designed for only one person.

    iv.          Riding through or into lakes and the sea. This also includes lake and sea shores.

      v.          Riding on jetties

f) As a condition of hire, the hirer will be liable for the full replacement value or repair of the equipment if:

       i.          The Hirer fails to return the equipment

      ii.          The equipment is lost or stolen

     iii.          The equipment is damaged either maliciously or accidentally, including but not limited to buckled wheels, tyres skidded through, bent forks or frames, damaged gears and derailleurs.


Business operators that display the Accreditation Tick have achieved a high standard of customer service and business practice as set by the tourism industry. When travelling look for this symbol as your guide to finding a Nationally Accredited Tourism Business.


a) The Carrier is not liable for errors or omissions in publications of schedules or in statements, or representations made by any of its employees, agents or representatives in respect of any Carrier Service.

b) No agent or employee of the Carrier has authority to give undertakings or make representations in relation to the provision or timing of any Carrier Service that are inconsistent with these Conditions. Any such undertakings or representations will not bind the Carrier except where the Carrier's prior confirmation in writing is obtained.


All images, logos and photographic representations are of the sole ownership of Rottnest Express unless otherwise credited. No use or reproduction of any of these objects is permitted without prior permission and authorisation from Rottnest Express. If you would like to query the use or ownership of any of these images, please contact us.


a) Rottnest Express (which includes its Directors, employees, agents &/or contractors) will not be liable for:

i) Any loss or damage suffered by the driver &/or owner of any motor vehicle &/or any other person including loss or damage to the motor vehicle (including without limitation, by delivery to some person not authorised to take delivery); and/or

ii) Any injury to or death of a person however caused and whether due to the state of the car park (including any fixtures or fittings) or any act or omission by or on behalf of Rottnest Express or by the negligence or otherwise of any person being with or without the authority of Rottnest Express.

b) The owner and the driver of any motor vehicle for themselves, and the driver as the agent of the owner for and on behalf of the owner (where the driver is not the owner) jointly and severally agrees that the motor vehicle is parked entirely at the owner’s &/or drivers sole risk as to all events and occurrences and to the full extent permitted by law the owner &/or driver releases Rottnest Express from all and any liability whatsoever nature and indemnifies Rottnest Express in respect of all and any liability of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused or arising and irrespective of any owner &/or driver omission or negligence by or on behalf of Rottnest Express and irrespective of whether any motor vehicle was being driven or not at any material time.

c) Without limiting the above Rottnest Express may deliver or allow removal of a motor vehicle to any person producing a ticket or other proof to the satisfaction of Rottnest Express and Rottnest Express may retain a motor vehicle until a person produces a ticket or other proof to the satisfaction of Rottnest Express.


A 10% holiday surcharge fee has been applied for the following public holidays. This surcharge has been calculated to accommodate for additional costs incurred to Rottnest Express as stipulated by the Marine Tourism and Charter Vessels Award 2010.

  2017 2018
New Year's Day Monday 2 January Monday 1 January
Australia Day   Thursday 26 January Friday 26 January
Labour Day  Monday 6 March  Monday 5 March
Good Friday  Friday 14 April  Friday 30 March
Easter Monday  Monday 17 April  Monday 2 April
ANZAC Day  Tuesday 25 April  Wednesday 25 April
Western Australia Day  Monday 5 June  Monday 4 June
Queen's Birthday  Monday 25 September Monday 24 September
Christmas Day  Monday 25 December  Tuesday 25 December
Boxing Day  Tuesday 26 December  Wednesday 26 December



Passengers travelling with prams or strollers are welcome on any Rottnest Express service. In most circumstances, it is possible for children travelling in a pram to remain in the pram on board the vessel, whilst there may be days where the pram may be requested to be folded and stowed securely, with the child seated with their parent or guardian. The ability to take the pram onboard the vessel will vary depending on the particular vessel in use and the capacity of the service.

When permitted onboard, prams must be able to travel along the gangway and fit through the vessel doorway. If the pram cannot fit, it must be folded and stowed securely.

To assist with passenger comfort and safety, any passengers travelling in a wheelchair or bringing a pram whether stowed, or taken onboard, will be given priority boarding and permitted onboard the vessel first.

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