Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Rottnest Express does have the facilities to accommodate passengers with disabilities on our vessels, such as wheelchair use, however not on all services.

If you require special assistance when travelling with Rottnest Express, we kindly ask you to please notify us via our reservations line on 1300 467 688 during business hours before you make your booking. This allows passengers to receive the necessary service and departure terminal information. Failure to notify us of your requirements may result in the service being unavailable on arrival at the ferry terminal.


Wheelchair Access:

  • Most voyages are wheelchair accessible from Northport, including standard and motorized.
  • The 0830am voyage from Perth is accessible for standard wheelchairs only. Motorized wheelchairs are unable to navigate the gangway due to a bend. 
  • BShed voyages are not wheelchair accessible due to having to change levels between embarkation and disembarkation. (Unless passengers are able to navigate stairs) 
  • No Rottnest Express transfer buses are wheelchair accessible. (Unless passengers are able to navigate stairs) 
  • Motorized wheelchairs requiring transport only can only be taken from the Northport terminal. Other terminals do not have the appropriate loading facilities. 
  • High tides due to bad weather may cause slight difficulty during boarding or disembarkation
  • Due to limitations when loading passengers on to the Eco Express Speed Boat, the Adventure Rottnest tour and Underwater Rottnest snorkelling tour are not wheelchair accessible.


Prams and Wheelchair Priority Boarding:

Passengers travelling with prams or strollers are welcome on any Rottnest Express service. In most circumstances, it is possible for children travelling in a pram to remain in the pram on board the vessel, whilst there may be days where the pram may be requested to be folded and stowed securely, with the child seated with their parent or guardian. The ability to take the pram onboard the vessel will vary depending on the particular vessel in use and the capacity of the service.

When permitted onboard, prams must be able to travel along the gangway and fit through the vessel doorway. If the pram cannot fit, it must be folded and stowed securely.

To assist with passenger comfort and safety, any passengers travelling in a wheelchair or bringing a pram whether stowed, or taken onboard, will be given priority boarding and permitted onboard the vessel first.

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