Manage Your Booking

Manage Your Booking

When you have booked directly with Rottnest Express you can change the date and time of your ferry up to 2 hours prior to the departure time. You can also change the passenger names or contact details in the booking. Additional fees and charges may apply for changes to the date or times. You can also add freight and luggage labels or any of our exciting tour options for during your stay on Rottnest Island.


Travel Agent Booking

If your booking was created by a Travel Agent or through another website, you may not be able to use the Manage Your Booking function. Please contact the agent, or company associated with the website, directly to make any changes to your booking.

What can you manage?

  • Update your contact details
  • Update or change passenger names
  • Change travel date*
  • Change ferry times*
  • Split your booking provided there are less than 8 passengers on one reference number
  • Email your itinerary and e-tickets
  • Purchase additional freight and luggage labels
  • Purchase tour activities and hire items for use on Rottnest Island


*Restrictions may apply. Please click here for some of the examples.

What information do you need?

A valid ticket number or reference number and the email address you nominated during the booking process are required to be able to manage your booking online. The reference number is a unique booking ID issued per booking which has one letter at the beginning then followed by 10 numbers. The ticket number is a 14 digit alphanumeric combination which is different for each individual travellers within your booking and it can be found on your e-tickets.

You can find the reference number in your email itinerary and on your e-tickets (pdf). The unique ticket numbers can only be found on each individual e-ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between a reference number and a ticket number?
  2. Why can I not change my booking?
  3. How many times can I change my booking?
  4. What are the time limits for changing my booking online?
  5. Is there a fee to change my booking online?

What is the difference between a reference number or ticket number?

The ticket number is a unique code specific to an individual traveller which can be used when you would like to change the booking details for an individual passenger in your group. A reference number is a code issued per booking. The reference number can be used when you would like to manage or update a booking for all travellers.

Please note that individual booking changes using a ticket number is only available when a group has less than 8 passengers.

Why can I not change my booking?

The flexibility of your booking depends on the fare type purchased. Changes may be restricted for some promotional fares.

  • Special promotional bookings for an event taking place on the island.
  • Commuter B2B bookings
  • Travel agent bookings (some exceptions)
  • Day Tour Packages (except Experience Rottnest with bike hire)
  • Bookings with bus pick up and drop off services
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Gift Cards and other non service related items.

How many times can I change my booking?

You can make up to 10 changes for your booking.

What are the time limits for changing my booking online?

Product/ServiceTime Limit
Ferry Services 2 hours prior to departure
Tours and Hire Items 24hours prior to departure

Is there a fee to change my bookings online?

There is no charge to self manage your booking online for regular fares. However, some bookings are not able to be self managed online due to promotional discounts so you must call our customer service team on 1300 467688 to complete any changes.

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