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Do we need to book?

Bookings are essential to guarantee a seat on our boats. Each of our vessels is licensed to carry a certain number of passengers. Pre-Booking ensures that a seat is reserved for you on the departure of your choice. We will still sell available tickets on the day prior to departure, but these are subject to availability.

Is parking available at your terminals?

All of our terminals have access to parking however our Northport terminal is the only one with secure parking. Parking at Northport is $12 a day with the parking lot being walled and gated with regular patrols by the Fremantle Port Authority. Both B Shed and Barrack Street Jetty have access to council parking within a few minutes’ walk of the terminal. Availability, price and security of parking for these terminals vary significantly depending on where parking is found.

How does bike hire work? Where do we collect the bikes from?

Bike hire can be booked directly with any of our reservations team or online when making a booking. Bikes that are booked are loaded onto our boats at Northport and taken across to the island. When bikes have been booked a voucher will be issued (either over the counter or as an E-Ticket printout). Our crew on Rottnest will then exchange that voucher for the bikes on the jetty. You can simply ride them away, and then drop them back off to the boat you are departing on.

How early do we need to get to the terminal?

We advise that all passengers arrive at the terminal at least 30 minutes prior to departure. This allows enough time to park vehicles, label & load luggage/bikes, and collect your ferry tickets. If you are travelling with no luggage or freight and have etickets or QR codes, please make your way straight to the boarding gate. Final Boarding is 5 minutes prior to departure after which the vessel gangways are removed to ensure that the vessel departs at the stated time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold vessels for passengers that are not ready to board.

What cards are included in the concession fare?

When booking online our concession rate is equal to our adult rate as it is already heavily discounted with our new Flexi Fares system, therefore the online adult rate is discounted below the cost of a counter concession ticket. If purchasing tickets from the terminal a concession ticket is available on presentation of an Australian Health Care Card, Australian Pension Card, Australian Seniors Card, YHA/VIP/NOMAD/PETERPAN Backpacker Card, Australian Student Card (High School, TAFE & Tertiary Education) and International Student ID Card.

How easily can lost tickets be replaced?

If a passenger has lost their ticket they must call the ticketing office on 1300 467 688. Reservations staff must confirm at least three details from the existing booking selected from: Name, Phone number, Email address, Postal address, Postcode, Passenger Type and Amount, Travel Dates and Times. Upon confirmation the booking number can be re-issued. Please note that if the ticket has been used by somebody else an “already scanned” message will appear at boarding. In this case passengers will be required to purchase new tickets if the departure is still available.

What luggage won't be delivered?

Items such as surfboards, surf-skis, fishing rods, bicycles, dive tanks, craypots and golf bags are not able to be delivered and must be collected and transported by the owner from the main jetty upon arrival at Rottnest.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my tickets?

Rottnest Express does not offer cash refunds. For any cancellations a credit note with one year validity will be issued. Please contact our office before your scheduled departure time for any cancellations.

Why do I need luggage labels?

All luggage for delivery is required to have Rottnest Island luggage labels attached to every individual piece to ensure successful delivery. The labels identify the accommodation unit you are staying in as well as having your contact details should there be a need to contact you about delivery of your belongings. Items without our labels cannot be delivered. Labels are pre-printed and you must leave labels on for the return voyage. Labels are allocated on a per person basis, not per number of beds in your villa.

How much luggage can I bring to Rottnest?

Luggage in excess of two bags per person will incur an excess luggage charge. Items such as surfboards, surf-skis, fishing rods, bicycles, cray pots and golf bags cannot be delivered and must be collected and transported by the owner from the main jetty upon arrival at Rottnest Island

Can I obtain extra labels if I want to take more than what I am allocated?

Yes, you can purchase extra labels from us at the time you make your booking or when you check-in at the terminal.

Are there size and weight restrictions for luggage?

Yes, because of health and safety regulations, the following size and weight restrictions are in place to comply with health and safety regulations. Luggage exceeding the specified size may not be transported or delivered.

  • Single piece of luggage no larger than 800mm x 500mm x 400mm maximum 22kg to be stowed in the vessels luggage crates free of charge
  • Single piece carry-on item no larger than 600mm x 400mm x 300mm. (There are no luggage storage facilities in the passenger cabins, so anything taken onboard must be able to be accommodated on your lap and not interfere with other passengers).
  • No ‘piggy-backing' of luggage is permitted, for example, attaching a sleeping bag to a suitcase

How will I receive my luggage labels?

For bookings made outside of 7 days, luggage labels will be posted to your nominated address. For bookings made within 7 days, labels must be collected from the ticketing office on the day of departure.

What do I do if my travel arrangements change, do I need new labels?

Yes, if your travel arrangements change either before or during your stay you need to contact the ferry company you have travelled with. If your arrangements change while on the island you will require new labels to ensure the correct delivery of your luggage back to the mainland.
What do I do if I change my departure time from Rottnest Island back to the mainland, and I have already put my luggage out for collection?
Once your luggage has been collected it will be delivered as per the attached labels. Presently the system does not track where individual items are in the system.

What happens if Labels are damaged or missing when I pack up for my return?

The Island Visitor Centre at the foot of the ferry jetty has labels for return available. It is strongly recommended that you attach the original labels in a manner to ensure they can be utilised for your return, as replacement labels require you to fill out your details manually.

What if my luggage is damaged in transit?

All Luggage, Freight and Personal Items are transported entirely at the risk of the ticket holder. We will always take the utmost care with your belongings, but as we cannot inspect the condition or the method of packing by the ticket holder we do not accept any liability for damage to any items.

Who is responsible for the delivery of my luggage?

The Rottnest Island Authority is responsible for the delivery of your luggage on the Island as well as the collection for delivery back to the mainland. The Ferry operators are responsible for the water travel component of this process. Globally, in non-international, mass-passenger transport, luggage delivery and collection is an honour system which relies on travelers to correctly identify and collect their luggage at points of collection. Generally there is some supervision at collection points but their roll is only to monitor and assist with orderly collection. Incidents of theft or lost luggage are rare, however it is for this reason any items of value should always be carried on your person and not in your luggage. Condition of travel is that luggage and freight is carried entirely at the ticket holder’s risk. If any luggage items fail to turn up after investigation by the RIA and the ferry companies, recourse is through your insurance company.

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