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  1. Australia Day Skyworks

    Australia Day Skyworks

    Venue: Elizabeth Quay

    From: 26 Jan 2017 To: 26 Jan 2017
    Celebrate Au ...
  2. Fringe World Rottnest Island

    Fringe World Rottnest Island

    Venue: Rottnest Island Picture Hall

    From: 04 Feb 2017 To: 05 Feb 2017
    Fringe World is coming to Rottnest Island! Yet another good excuse to visit Rott ...
  3. Castaway 2017

    Castaway 2017

    Venue: Thompsons Bay Rottnest Island

    From: 12 Feb 2017 To: 12 Feb 2017
    Island festival Castaway returns for a second summer rendezvous thanks to the team at Zaccari ...
  4. Rottnest Channel Swim

    Rottnest Channel Swim

    Venue: Rottnest Island

    From: 25 Feb 2017 To: 25 Feb 2017
    Highly regarded worldwide and one of Western Australia’s iconic events, the Karma Resorts R ...
  5. Swim Stars Champs of the Bay

    Swim Stars Champs of the Bay

    Venue: Rottnest Island

    From: 26 Feb 2017 To: 26 Feb 2017
    Give your kids the opportunity to try open water swimming in the pris ...
  6. John Farnham

    John Farnham

    Venue: Hotel Rottnest

    From: 12 Mar 2017 To: 12 Mar 2017
    John Farnham with special guest Daryl Braithwaite
  7. Port to Pub

    Port to Pub

    Venue: Rottnest Island

    From: 25 Mar 2017 To: 25 Mar 2017
    Rottnest Express is proud to be a key sponsor of the Hotel Rottnest Port to Pub swim, which celeb ...
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