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Travel Information

Here you will find useful links to help make your trip to Rottnest more organised and enjoyable:

Departure Locations

Need more info for your departure? This is your stop for detailed terminal location information and maps to your departure point.

Our Ferries

Looking for some technical details on our ferries? Then here is your source of all vessel info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just as it says...Questions Asked Frequently!

Fare Types

Confused by what fare to choose? Here you will find a wealth of information explaining each of our different fare types, promo deals and passenger types.

Group Travel

Arranging a group booking can be a challenge, but we’re here to help make it easier! Group discounts are available to all types of groups, with some minimum travel requirements.

Hotel Transfers

Review our list of complimentary Hotel transfers locations across Perth CBD and the Fremantle area.


Have a look at the different parking options available at each of our departure terminals.


Check out what you can and cannot take to the island - or more to the point - what WE will and will not carry for you.


Like a good airline, check-in can be smooth and simple with us. Read here for more info.